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About Us

The St. Andrews Legion Pipes and Drums is a performance band based in Richmond, VA that offers free lessons to anyone interested. It supports itself through paid performances which allows the band to provide uniforms, instructional materials, and in some cases, instruments to its students. The band also performs at numerous charitable events as a means of supporting the community that does the same for the band. If you have an event coming up and are interested in booking the band, please click here for our online form.

Kilted Nation

The St. Andrew's Legion Pipes and Drums strives towards strong relationships and interaction with other Pipes and Drums organizations within the central Commonwealth, building upon the traditions of piping and drumming, not only through music, but also through a code of honor among such other organizations as the Greater Richmond Pipes & Drums, Williamsburg Pipes & Drums, Kilmarnock District Pipes & Drums, Appalachian Highlanders, WarPipe , VMI Pipes & Drums and other bands who are registered with the Eastern United States Pipe Bands Association.



Tim Lewis MacLeod, Alex McGrath , William Ford, formerly of the 42nd Highlanders, and several other individual pipers saw an opportunity some time ago with developing a new pipe and drum band in the Richmond area. Even more important, they all knew that there was a desire by many young people to learn the noble Highland Bagpipes and Drums. Being a former member of the Kena Highlanders, Instructor for Fork Union Military Academy Pipes & Drums, and serving as Pipe Sergeant for the Royal Canadian Legion Pipes and Drums, MacLeod used his resources when he noted that their were many very competent musicians right here in the Richmond area along with other potential talented individuals. Much support came from various individuals and bodies. Members of the Scottish Society of Richmond, St. Andrews Society of Richmond, the American Legion, and even the Bishop of the Anglican Church of Virginia, had a major role in the birth of this new unit.

With all that stated, the legacy would have not continued if it where not, also, for two other men who have made such a striking impact on Piping and Drumming in the area. Those men are Pipe Majors- Ken Jones and Captain Burt Mitchell.

Appearance and Uniform

Pipe Major 'Full Ceremonial'

The group in appearance and demeanor is a military style pipe and drum unit with a full color guard party. We represent and compliment the combination of three instrumental societies/organizations in the area that have inspired the St. Andrews Legion Pipes & Drums: the St. Andrews Society of Richmond, the American Legion, and the Royal Canadian Legion of Virginia. The majority of the band members are affiliated to one or more of these groups. Also, within our ranks, you will find Law Enforcement & Fire/EMS Officers, but the most important members of all are the young people with the gleam in their eyes and the desire to inherit a legacy that is hundreds of years old.

If one looks at the uniform of a St. Andrews Legion member, to the trained eye, certain attributes of the Highland Regiments of Scotland can be seen. Red/white diced hose and the general shape of the unit's badge reflect the President's ancestral ties to the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. The red hackle honors the unit's honorary Pipe Major Bill Ford, and his service to the King & Country in the Royal Highland Regiment (the Black Watch) during World War II. Currently, all of the forty plus members are wearing the Batten of Argyll tartan, which they worked very hard for through fundraisers and their own personal expense.